Venice, the romantic holiday destination
Venice is one of the most romantic cities around the world. This city is unlike any other gives you a new fresh experience. The whole city is standing on the surface of the water. There are no roads on which one can walk without making their feet wet. All over the city small boats and little water taxis are seen carrying men from one place to another.

Riding a water taxi or gondola through the Grand Canal is one of the main reason people come here. Riding through this canal in the daytime is romantic, and in the night it is magical. All along the cityís waterways the water boats and water buses go round and round.

A lot of newlywed couple chooses this place to be their honeymoon spot after marriage. They must not miss divine Bridge of Sighs, with its white limestone construction and stone bar windows. Legend has it that any couple who will kiss under the bridge riding a gondola will have eternal love. Almost every married or unmarried couple tries to experience this romantic vision of love.

The gothic style Doge's Palace is one of the prominent attractions of Venice and desined by 14th century artists like Antonio Bregno and Raverti.

St. Markís Square is the cultural meeting point of the city. People come here to talk about the amazing architecture and artistry that is offered by the plot. The bell tower which is situated in the St. Mark's Square is one of the most familiar signs of Venice. The bell tower is 323 feet tall and 39 feet wide. The original bell tower collapsed in 1902 so the present one is the replica of the original one.

Venice airport taxi is one of the most romantic ways of transportation in the world. This fast speed taxis will take you surely and securely to your destination while you enjoy the romantic natural view outside. These Venice Airport national taxis have room for the whole family as they are specious and cozy. This taxis hold up to ten people which is enough for a group of friends or a family itself. Riding this luxurious airport taxis will make you feel regal.

Travelling from the airport to your destination, hotel can be a long way. No matter how romantic it is, sometimes you just need to go to your hotel fast. With water taxi you can be sure to do that. As the speed of this vehicle is way better that most of the other vehicle running on the water. From airport to your typical hotel distance can be covered by the water taxi in about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Study all you need to know more about this beautiful sinking city. Arriving on the airport on must need a good vehicle to reach his or her holiday destination quickly. So donít forget book online in advance the Venice water taxi service to enjoy a romantic, memorable experience of a lifetime. For more details, please click here.