Thailand : Don't Miss it in Thailand

Visit Phang Nga Bay The Phang -Nga Bay ( James Bond Island), south of Thailand is a paradise ! Really ideal if you want to dream ...Before you go on the popular " James Bond Island " , you will take a boat and cross the Bay of Phang- Nga absolutely unique in the world ! ( I advise you to take a small boat with a Thai staff to guide you as you can quickly be overrun with tourists if you take a standard tour. )

In this area you will find a series of rocky peaks and limestone peaks rising up in the Andaman Sea to heights up to 300 meters.

In addition, these rocks are covered by jungle , which offers an absolutely fabulous show! You will also see , in the middle of the rock formations , caves and lagoons.

Arriving at the island Koh Phing Kan ( called " James Bond Island " ( as part of the film "Man with the Golden Gun " was filmed there) you will find Koh Tapu rock rather impressive by its form ...Differently to Halong Bay cruise in Vietnam, here, the best way is take a small canoe and go , with a guide , visit caves very closer

Of course you will also find many small shops along the beach selling souvenirs at exorbitant prices , but regardless , the place remains magical and I guarantee you always keep in mind this beautiful rock ....

Elephant riding

Ride on elephant back is a unique experience that you must live if you go to Thailand .

You should know that elephants are an integral part of Thai life forever. They were the best weapon of war in Southeast Asia and are still used today as draft animals on farms and in the jungle ... sacred symbol of Buddhism, the elephant is loved and respected . So that they had arrived at the age of 60 years are entitled to a peaceful retreat ... A hospital in the region of Chiang Mai they are dedicated to it.

Training an elephant lasts for several years but the result is spectacular! The animal is down , kneels before objects, etc. ... And some elephants even know play the harmonica !

You will find many opportunities to take a ride on elephants in Thailand .... It's a great experience to live, especially if you go you into the jungle . This impressive animal is extremely soft and quiet .

You will sometimes sitting on a bench positioned on their backs , sometimes on their necks. The second experience is by far the best because you are in direct contact with the animal. It is quite disturbing at first because we imagine that an elephant can hang his head forward, and thus we lose the way ... But not at all! The elephant never drop your head ... So do not worry , you have absolutely no risk ... ;-)