Seek out some serenity in Cyprus’ Troodos Peaks
Travelling through the Troodos mountains will take you on a winding road which bends left and right whilst hugging the impressive hillsides. At the top of the road and just before the largest bend in the road there is a sign that reminds drivers that driving on the left is the norm in Cyprus. After driving for roughly 45 miles from Limassol you might find this a surprising location for the sign to be.

The island however is full of surprises. The climate is one such surprise with year round sunshine except around January and February although even then temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees. The island is also approximately 150 miles long with great roads in good condition.

The cuisine on Cyprus is at its base Greek, but with some Turkish influences mixed in. Cyprus also has some fine wines grown locally which are not particularly well known anywhere else but the island making them great value for money. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all on in Cyprus though is that should you wish to and in the right time of the year, you can head up to Mount Olympus and go skiing.

Kalopanayiotis is a hill village in the Troodos Peaks near to Kyrenia which is now controlled by the northern Turkish side of the island. Kalopanayiotis is famous for its trout, the Venetian stone bridge, its mineral springs and its 11th century chapel, church and monastery of Saint John Lampadistis.

This church is home to the UNESCO listed frescos which date back to the Byzantine era right through to the Renaissance and cover ceiling to floor right across the walls. Check out for the best deals on your flights to Cyprus and save yourself some money on your holiday.

Casale Panayiotis
However, it is the brand new 29 room hotel retreat, the Casale Panayiotis, which is currently catching the attention of the island. Some of the rooms include on in an old stable where you will find yourself enjoying a stylish room including kind sized bed with ensuite bathroom and crochet curtains. Located in a village, the retreat makes you feel like you are a Cypriot villager as you wander through the narrow cobbled streets.

To put this adventure into a category can be difficult, as it is part luxury spa, part stylish hotel but also part village. The village is also home to an excellent hillside restaurant, the Byzantino, which sits just above the Setrachos River serving locally sourced meals to its customers.

There is also a museum and conference centre in a restored town house, a Lavrentino spa based in an aristocrats home, a variety of superb guest rooms refurbished from village homes and as every village requires a bar, there is a tavern opened in the old cinema area. Next year there will be more additions in the form of a swimming pool and a larger spa.

For those who are looking to get away from the hectic life of city living or the bustling activities of resorts, then Casale Panayiotis offers the perfect remedy for a relaxing and serene getaway.