Let's face it — every girl (and boy) likes to feel special, pampered and looking their best. And there's no better place to indulge our desires for feeling utterly fantastic than one of the great day spas in New York!

So when you want to do something good for yourself — and get pampered — where should you begin? Here are just a few of my personal favorites:

  • Clay on 14th Street. Choose the Clay Detox package, which includes a Detoxifying Body Polish, Body-balancing Massage, Vitamin C Detox Facial, nutrition assessment, detox tonic and a private yoga session. You'll leave this gym/day spa feeling like a million bucks — and looking fantastic!
  • Juvenex on 32nd Street. Until 5 p.m. it's ladies only, but after that, men, women and couples are welcome to enjoy this unique retreat in the heart of the city. My favorite way to indulge at this 24-hour spa is with the Enhanced Beautification Program package. With this, you'll get 2-1/2 hours of indulgence that includes the Juvenex Jade Journey (an amazing sauna-shower progression you'll love), your choice of facials, a brow shaping session, and a Cooling Eye Treatment. When I have the extra time and money, I also like to add on the Luxurious Luscious Lips Treatment to exfoliate and plump up my pucker.
  • Dorit Baxter Day Spa at 47 W 57th St. When I need a stress-busting getaway from life, I head in for a herbal body wrap at my favorite midtown spot. Here, you’ll be slathered in organic lavender cream, covered in layers of scented sheets and wrapped in warm blankets -- making you feel like you’re stuck (happily) in a long hug. This combined with the soothing music leaves you feeling completely relaxed for the rest of the day.

Those are just a few ideas, there are endless other options to choose from! So, next time you want to feel fabulously pampered, take a trip to one of these great day spas in New York and let the masters work their magic on you.

About the Author: Joanna Richards is a travel blogger who works with automobile companies and rental car businesses. She lives in New Jersey and is an avid artist who enjoys reading, writing, fostering cats, and soaking up the stranger things in life.