India: Traditional Culinary Dishes
One of the best things about visiting India is the culinary experience that awaits you. Not only does the food use a whole host of ingredients and spices, but every dish has a unique taste unrivalled by many other cultures. The Indian dishes we’re used to at our local curry house are actually quite different from traditional food that Indian locals eat, and this is because many people’s stomachs find it hard to process the ingredients. If you’re thinking of visiting India this year, be sure to remember that the food flavours will be a lot more intense, so take your time with meals you’re not familiar with. Let’s take a look at some of the top Indian foods to taste on your travels.

Vegetable and non-vegetable Biryani is one of the most popular Indian dishes, and it can also be served with a selection of different meats, from chicken and lamb to pork and goat. In essence, the dish is rice-based, with a variety of spices and flavours to enhance the taste. Sometimes, egg is mixed with the rice, however with vegetable biryani you can also have a side dish of fish to accompany your meal.

Butter Chicken
Another popular dish with British tourists travelling to India, butter chicken is known for its juicy and creamy taste. The chicken is left to marinate overnight in a mixture of spices and yogurt, and then cooked the next day with Makhani butter sauce, more spices and tomato puree. Not only does the dish offer a unique flavour, but it is also originally a mild dish, meaning you can request more heat. When it comes to Punjabi cuisine, butter chicken is an iconic dish.

Vindaloo and Rogan Josh
These two dishes are at the top end of hot and spicy, and it is rare that you’ll find a non-Indian eating one with ease. Served with either chicken or lamb, the vindaloo and rogan josh are aromatic dishes with very identifiable tastes, and make sure you have a bottle of water handy when eating!

Tandoori Chicken
This is a dish popular with both Indians and Europeans, and it is also very easy to make too. The seasoned tandoori masala chicken is left to marinate overnight in yogurt, and more spices are added before it is served with pilau rice. Restaurants in India use clay ovens, or ‘Tandoors’, to make the meat more succulent, however it can alsobe fried in apan for great flavour.

If you want to try Indian foot but you’re not a fan of meat, then there are a number of vegetarian options available, with the PalakPaneer being the most popular. The dish consists of spinach and cottage cheese combined with a curry sauce, and it originated in North India. Not only is it served with most Punjabi meat dishes, but it can be eaten as a main meal too, with other fresh vegetables like tomatoes and cucumber.