Hidden Gems of UAE
For people UAE and Dubai are no different, they think of it as the same place, but there is a contradiction to this fact. The UAE is also known as Emirates constituting of Abu Dhabhi, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Dubai, Umm al-Quwain, Fujairah and Sharjah, the official language being Arabic and the religion being Islam. The capital of UAE is Abu Dhabhi that also a centre of cultural and commercial activities.

UAE is full of contradictions – where racing camels, famous among people is legal but gambling is forbidden; where even though the temperatures exceed 50C yet locals prefer hanging out at beaches rather than swimming in the sea. Here money rules as nowhere else – from the huge amount of workers building skyscrapers and sending money home to their families in, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. To the multi billionaire sheikhs themselves, who pour their high amount of wealth into increasingly ambitious projects. This is a slightly different, multi-faceted region – and to have a glimpse of only Dubai is like reading the introduction of the novel.

Abu Dhabi- also known as the business emirate is a place where money is no object. Emirates Palace the most expensive hotel ever built is in Abu Dhabi. It is enormously big that members of staff are posted around the resort to help guests find their room. The hotel is obviously expensive but then also it is worth visiting. City has a graceful heritage centre, with displays of traditional Arabic culture. The jewellery shops are also seen around the centre, where small metal workers, jewellers and carpenters offer their wares.

Fujairah city is separated from its neighbouring nations by the Hajar Mountains. It is the only emirate not having access to the Persian Gulf. It is the youngest emirate, as it bought its independence from Sharjah in 1952. The sparklingly clean waters and glowing white sand beaches of its coast have become home to a clutch of sizable hotels and resorts, offering the best yacht charter & scuba-diving in the region. UAE doesn’t mean only malls and extraordinary infrastructures where only rich persist, Friday Market offers contradiction. Vegetable and Fruit stalls on road, small boys running ramshackle antiques stall reflect an entirely different culture than we have bought down in our imaginations of UAE.

Sharjah is the place where tourism took birth in UAE, people have always had this misconception in their minds that tourism started in Dubai, but the real fact is Dubai was a mere seedy trading port when Sharjah was developing tourism. The city has a roundabout of various museums encircling the area. The best museum being Sharjah Art Museum is the largest art gallery in entire gulf.

Ras al Khaimah once a small fishing community, right now resembles a building site. Traces of remains of ruined villages can be still seen. The country has a village-style development, landscaped with rooms on small streets providing the sea views known as Cove Rotana. Ras al Khaimah has the first Banyan Tree hotel in peninsula having private villas around the dunes; every villa has its own private pool and an outstanding spa offering relaxation to its upper extent.

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