The word tour has been derived from the Latin word “tornus” that implies traveling from one destination to another but coming back to the place from where you started. People may choose to go for a tour for myriad reasons. It can be for pleasure, rest and relaxation or business, or study. These days, short, sightseeing excursions are gaining a lot of popularity. Hectic day to day lives has necessitated taking frequent breaks from the job once in a while and enjoying a relaxed time in another destination with family or friends.

Instead of official tours where people go for a site visit, conference, seminar are some official jobs personal tours are taking precedence that are meant solely for pleasure and fun. When reaching an unknown destination, people indulge in a variety of activities that are decidedly different from normal activities in which they indulge when they are staying in their home destination. They can go sightseeing as per their itinerary visiting monuments, museums, art galleries, entertainment centers and indulging in a wide spectrum of holiday based activities.

Tourism is a smokeless industry, and it is known to create abundant employment opportunities for people directly or indirectly linked to this industry. People find employment in hotels, airports, transportation industry, entertainment centers, casinos, adventure sport academies, taxicabs, shopping malls, guides, travel planners, music venues, money exchange outlets and many more. The opportunities are endless. There are many regions and countries that are fully dependent on the tourism industry for their source of income.