South America
South America is known for its unique culture. The “southern” way of living is typical distinct from any other destination. An assortment of cultures, traditions and values can be seen here. Scenic landscapes and picturesque locations attract the visitors coming here. This continent is the fourth largest in the world cocooned amidst the South Atlantic Oceans, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. 12 countries are encompassed in this continent. Major countries in this continent are Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Suriname, Ecuador and many others.

A distinctive feel is experienced in every county located in this continent but, one thing that is common all through them is the stunning and spectacular natural beauty. The biggest rainforest in the world is also found here. It houses some of the unique flora and fauna of the region. The river Amazon meanders through this continent offering some picture perfect views of the area. Islands like the Galapagos, Fernando de Noronha and the Easter Islands is some unique attractions. Here, one can enjoy coastal scenic attractions. Pristine beaches can be seen spread in a vast area flanking lapping waves coming from the oceans. Gentle, swaying palm adds beauty to the already beautiful region. Besides beaches, there are deserts in the continent. Visitors love to see the vast expanse of sand and unique arid flora and fauna.
The destination has matched pace of global developments and one can find progress and growth all around in the major cities. A visit to South America is truly going to be an unforgettable experience!