Safari implies big game hunt, but today the concept has radically changed in lieu of conserving and protecting wildlife that is on the verge of extinction or endangered due to erstwhile practices like hunting and poaching. Today, safari means an activity that ensures visitors observing wild life in their natural habitat at close quarters. Tourists love to go to safaris as this activity gives them an opportunity to see all those wild animals about whom they have just heard or read about in the books. Many countries have banned poaching and killing animals. This step has been taken to ensure conservation and protection of endangered species.

Safari is a popular activity among tourists going to Africa for their vacations. Here, they can stay in lodges or camps and see animals moving leisurely in their natural habitats. A guided tour is also given to them so that they are able to spot animals in the thickets and huge jungles. Only trained eyes can spot these animals in these jungles. Guides take the tourists to the spots where the chances to spot these animals is high. These places can be waterholes where animals come to drink water. It is fun to see a group of elephants to drink water, taking a bath and enjoying a good time. If lucky, one can watch drama unfolding before their eyes when they find the king of the jungle hunting unsuspecting animals for their food. Safari is the best way to come closer to nature.