North America
North America is a destination renowned for several reasons. It boasts of rich historical past, diverse culture, tourist attractions, modern infrastructure and fast paced developments. This continent is the third largest in the world and basks in the glory of erstwhile history that has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of this continent. An eclectic blend of culture, traditions, cuisines, landscapes and history can be witnessed. Offbeat destinations offer an opportunity to enjoy vacations in the best possible manner.

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Bering Strait and the Arctic Ocean, this continent is known to offer hues of different cultures. Most traveled destinations in the continent are Caribbean, Canada, the United States of America, Greenland and Mexico. These mesmerizing places offer a wide spectrum of tourist attractions. The landscape is dotted with monuments, art galleries, museums, entertainment centers, theatres and much more. It is believed that the name of this destination fell on the name of an Italian navigator, Amerigo Vespucci.
Trekking in Canada, exploring Route 66, scintillating New York, mysterious Maya and Aztec, slopes of Great White North and many more attractions are available for visitors to enjoy. In case, they simply wish to relax, they can choose any off beat destination where rest and complete relaxation are the only activity available. Coastal areas with azure blue waters, gently swaying palms and pristine beaches are perfect for a relaxing holiday. This destination is perfect for an enjoyable holiday with family and friends!