Middle East
Middle East is a significant region close to the Persian Gulf. This destination is known for its strategic location and large quantities of crude oil. Mystique envelops this region making it all the more alluring. The destination is responsible for the introduction of three major religions that are the Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The impact of all these three religions can be seen here. This region has always played a prominent role in the world politics due to the presence of crude oil. Qatar, Iran Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, etc is some of the prominent countries located here.

The destination offers a perfect blend of erstwhile and contemporary civilization. Open air museums take visitors to the bygone era and showcase the rich culture and history of this region. History in this region has always been turbulent. Many civilizations gained prominence in a short span of time. Vast expanse of sand dunes looks quite appealing in a full moon night. Gigantic mountains in the north, deserts in Libya, spellbinding underwater world, choc-o-bloc shops in an open market, women wearing gently, swaying abaya, kohl rimmed eyes, sheikhs and colorful markets are just some of the things visitors appreciate and enjoy.
Keeping their culture and tradition intact, this destination is developing at a fast rate making it one of the most suitable places to settle down. More and more companies are opening their offices in this region, and people are choosing to make it their abode. The destination is truly a treasure trove of magnificent attractions!