Hotels or a home away from a home is one of the major requirements when one is planning a vacation to a city other than the home. It is one of the most crucial components of travel activity besides transportation and sightseeing. A wide range of hotels is available depending on the room rent and the facilities available. Tourists can choose any of them as per their budget and requirement. There are spacious and posh hotels on one hand and small and offering basic facilities on the other. Some hotels go an extra mile to offer luxurious amenities to the guests. Hotels like Capsule hotels, business hotels, resorts hotels, budget hotels, apartment hotels, Suite hotels, extended stay hotels, casino hotels, airport hotels and many more are available these days. As per the need, budget and preference, travelers can select a hotel to stay while traveling.

As the name suggests, airport hotels are meant for the travelers meaning to stay at a destination during transit. Usually, passengers who have missed their flight of airport personnel stay in them and it is located close to the airport. Business hotels are meant for businessmen and offer a wide array of services by and large needed by business travelers. Suite hotels are synonymous to luxury hotels offering luxurious facilities and amenities to the guests staying with them. Casino hotels house both, guests as well as casino. Comfort and basic facilities are offered by all hotels irrespective of their class and standard. The hotels go a long way to make holidays memorable.