A Vacation In Exotic Egypt
A holiday in Egypt is like a roller-coaster ride; dive into the past with the incredible Pyramids of Giza, the temple of Abu Simbel that are over tree thousand years old, the town of Memphis and the Saladin Citadel; move on to medieval Egypt with its mosques and bazaars and then complete your ride with modern attractions of Egypt like the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Cruise out on a luxury liner on the Nile with ultramodern facilities to conclude your holiday.

Apart from its wonderful ancient attractions, Egypt also offers plenty of activities for tourists. Select from a wide range of fun things to do like snorkeling, scuba diving in coral reefs, desert camel rides on the vast sands of Sahara and the Sinai Peninsula, sand boarding and Quad safaris.

Other places to visit include Dahsur, the Asfour Crystal Factory, Old Cairo, Temple of Karnak and the West Bank. When in Egypt, get a taste of the flavorful local cuisine; with a rich blend of olive oil, fresh seafood, lentils and Mediterranean vegetables cooked with a fusion of influences from Asia and the Middle East, the food here is very interesting. Egypt is also a shopper’s haven, especially if you’re interested in bargain shopping in open air souks. Perfumes, cotton products, glass work and artifacts are great buys here.

The Egyptian Sun can get quite strong for people unaccustomed to heat; so avoid visiting during summer. November to April would be a great time to visit Egypt.