Cruise means a sea voyage for pleasure and relaxation. Since time immemorial, water travel has been used to travel to far away destinations. It is one of the cheapest modes of transportation. Today, with aviation sector developing at a fast pace, water travel is being predominantly used merely for recreational purposes. Today, cruise has gained a lot of popularity and one of the major tourism based activity. It is fun to go on cruises. One can see the vast expanse of azure blue waters and blue skies up to the horizon.

There are luxury cruise liners that are more or less star category hotels floating in the sea. The facilities and amenities offered during voyage are similar to the ones available in any five star hotels. Here, tourists can enjoy the luxuries and amenities of five star hotels away from the hustle and bustle of any prime tourist destination. Cruising has today gained immense significance in the tourism sector. Some relaxing moments can be enjoyed while on a cruise. Honeymooners today prefer cruises as this activity gives them some precious time together. They come to know each other well on the confined space available on a ship.

Popular cruises are available these days that take the tourists to high seas crossing famous destinations like Africa, Hawaii, Bermuda, Australia, Bahamas, Arctic, Pacific Coastal, Middle East, South East Asia and many more. Cruises also organize theme parties to keep their patrons engaged. There is dance, music and entertainment in the evenings. People love to be a part of these activities.