Australia is a fascinating destination frequented by a large number of tourists every year. This is the 6th largest nation in the world and is considered to be one of the most urbanized destinations. Chivalry and bravery are part of the attitude of the people living here. The past of this destination is full of stories that speak volumes about this nature of the people. The famous aboriginal heritage can be experienced by the visitors coming here.

The culture of the destination is unique in itself. Major inventions taking place in this magnificent destination is another reason for its popularity. Some of them are aspirin, invention of pacemaker, a radio powered by pedal, penicillin, notepads, disposable syringe made up of plastic, contact lenses enhancing beauty, bionic ears and many more. Clear enough, the place offers encouragement and motivation to the budding scientists and inventors. Explorers have considered Australia to be a significant destination since time immemorial for its untouched and unbridled beauty that is still unexplored.
The Great Barrier Reef is the popular attraction frequented by the tourists coming here in large numbers. One can see stunning marine life floating in the clear waters. Kakadu National Park is one of the prehistoric gorges that attract nature lovers. Sydney Opera House is another attraction that is unique architectural splendors visited by tourists and enjoying its majestic view. Australian Alps can also be visited by all those who are fond of mountaineering. The night life is vibrant with a wide array of swanky bars and lounges dotting the landscape.