Africa is a beautiful destination famous in the tourist sector for its picturesque location and nature’s bounty at its best. This second largest continent is bordered with the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. This destination has a rustic charm that mesmerizes tourists visiting this destination. The largest river in the world, the Nile meanders through this destination running from Burundi to Egypt. Another major river in the region namely, the Congo River is also a centre of attraction for visitors. Mountain Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest free standing mountain that offers a majestic view from a distance. All these nature’s splendors awe inspires tourists and brings them closer to nature.

The most prominent activity one would love to indulge in when coming to Africa is safari. The wild life at this destination beckons tourists to come closer and see God’s creativity. Unparalleled diversity is featured here, and one can visit safari parks on a jeep or any open vehicle to enjoy wild animals roaming around freely in their natural habitat. 53 countries are a part of this continent, and each is different from the other in many ways. Some areas that are close to the water bodies have gained popularity for the variety of water based activities available. One can also indulge in rural tourism by visiting nearby pygmy villages, see the way of living of the natives and enjoy folk music and dance in the evenings. Africa is a truly remarkable destination beckoning tourists in large numbers!